My Pillars for Progress


Every child has it. Every school has it.

I believe our system of public education offers the best approach for discovering potential and making the most of it. The Forest Hills School District excels at providing an encouraging, inclusive, universal opportunity to help every student succeed.

How do we do it even better and stretch the boundaries of potential even further? By:

  • Supporting and building on our teachers’, administrators’, and programs’ successes
  • Finding new ways to engage and inspire every student
  • Taking a fresh look at areas we can improve
  • Encouraging new ideas, letting them be heard, and making the best ones happen

Reaching for what’s possible requires a strong and healthy school district. The most effective way to expand the boundaries of achievement is to take a holistic approach to district operations – always working to maintain the delicate balance between educational needs and fiscal responsibilities to both the district and our taxpayers.



An effective, well-rounded education is one that prepares students to become adults who make their own way in the world. That means educating today with an eye on the future. A Forest Hills education needs to equip students with the skills trade and business will need when today’s students become tomorrow’s workforce. It should also ready students with life skills such as communication, problem solving, collaboration, confidence, empathy, and self-control — job skills that technology can never replace.

Forest Hills’ approach and programs must be fluid and forward-thinking enough to keep up with the ever-changing needs of students, our community, and society, while dedicated to supporting the life skills that help students become well-prepared adults.



It’s no secret it takes money to support the best teachers, programs, facilities, and results. Just as our students deserve a quality education, taxpayers deserve a spending plan that focuses on efficiently and effectively using public funds. A healthy bottom line is critical to a public school’s success and that requires creative, pro-active solutions.

Partnerships between schools, the township, parks, and businesses will allow us to use the full capacity of local resources smarter and more efficiently. Combining, coordinating, and sharing resources reduces operating costs, while building unity between our nine schools and our community as a whole.

The excellence of our schools, parks, and township are why people choose to call Anderson Township home. A comprehensive plan that coordinates and shares the best of what each entity offers builds an even stronger and more appealing community.


About Me

I’m Elizabeth

I'm a wife, mom, businesswoman and lifelong resident of Anderson Township. People who know me aren’t surprised I’m running for office. From as far back as junior high student council, I’ve never shied away from getting involved. It’s why with three young kids and as a passionate believer in public education, I’m running for a seat our school board.

“We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.”

- Franklin Roosevelt

Where I’ve Been

I went to Maddux Elementary and graduated from Anderson High School. I headed south to the University of South Carolina, where I studied journalism, along with education and political science. I met my husband Scott there, and after graduation in 2002, we traveled for his baseball career, spending three years on the minor league baseball circuit. During the off season, Cincinnati was always home and we put down roots here in 2005.

Where I Am Today

Our family is settled in one of Anderson’s great neighborhoods, and I’m in my 15th year working with my family’s manufacturing business. Like most people involved in a family business, I’ve learned the ropes of what it takes to keep an organization thriving. For me, that’s meant being involved in everything from financials, marketing, communications, leadership and personnel development. I’ve also learned what it takes to find a balance between maintaining a financially healthy organization while planning for the future: a mix of dreaming about what’s possible and managing the details to make it happen.

I’ve put some of those same skills to work in our community to do my part to help Anderson Township and Forest Hills continue to thrive:

  • Superintendent’s Facilities Committee, 2014
  • Township Comprehensive Planning Committee, 2016
  • Keep Anderson Safe Committee, 2016
  • Township Economic Development Committee, 2017

Where I Want to Go

People ask me why I’m running – I look at our three kids and know without question. Our two girls are already at Ayer Elementary and within three years, their brother will join them. We’ll experience Forest Hills firsthand for the next 16 years. I’ll see how policies and plans play out in the classroom — Do they help great teachers do their jobs even better? Do they help kids learn the skills they need to succeed? They should.

Parents serve their kids' schools in all kinds of ways; serving as a board member is just one. It'd be a privilege to serve my kids – and yours – as a member of the Board of Education.

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